Pokémon Slab Gift with a Graded PSA Card included


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For Sale is 1 x Pokemon Graded Card PSA 9 or better plus 1 x Pokemon TCG booster

Included in this you will receive 1 PSA graded Pokemon card . The grade that you will receive will be at least a 9 if not better.
Additionally we will include 1 x Pokemon TCG booster pack from a recent set that has been released.
Item will be packaged well and discreetly in case of purchase as a gift.
See below detail for those looking to know more about us & PSA

These cards have been graded by PSA in the US with current wait times of up to 18 months at present to have cards encapsulated and certified. PSA is one of the worlds top grading companies in the world with minimum charges to grade cards at present costing 150usd

These cards are graded on a 1-10 scale with 10 been the highest and hardest grade to obtain.

Additionally PSA have a live online database which gives you the population report of all cards graded with them by grade to show exactly how many of each copy exist

Cards that you own can then be registered in your name on their site so that you can keep track of your collection

The encapsulation allows the card to be preserved and not damaged as normal would happen if loose which make for great long term investments and a great way to show off your cards

Great for stocking fillers for Christmas and lovely cards to own. A must have for all collectors

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 1 × 10 cm

50 Cards, 100 Cards, 200 Cards, 500 Cards, 10 V/GX/EX Secret Rare, 10 Random


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